New Features of Audi Virtual Cockpit

Drivers of future Audi models will be able to benefit from the new features of the Audi Virtual Cockpit. It is an instrument cluster design for the modern times and for the future.

The instrument panels in our vehicles have evolved quite a bit over the last several decades, but many drivers have likely thought that they could be better. Drivers looking for something fully digital, driver focused, clear and intuitive will surely enjoy driving with the Audi Virtual Cockpit.

Audi Virtual Cockpit Features

Drivers can already experience the Audi Virtual Cockpit in the new Audi TT. It is highlighted by a 12.3-inch LCD screen that delivers superb clarity.

Two modes are available with the Virtual Cockpit: classic view and infotainment mode. While in classic view, instrument dials like the speedometer will be displayed more prominently. In infotainment mode, however, additional features like the navigation system, media functions and Audi connect will be more dominantly displayed on the screen.

Virtual Cockpit

This allows drivers to customize the system to better fit their driving needs at any given time. Drivers can then interact with the screen with a new MMI control concept. Drivers can use either the steering wheel controls or the redesigned MMI that now includes multi-touch gestures and a joystick-like function.

What Models Will Get Audi Virtual Cockpit?

Like the new Audi TT, future Audi models will likely begin arriving with the availability of Audi Virtual Cockpit. An exact list of which models will get the system, and when, is not available, though particular mention of the new Q7 and future A4 models' integration of the system has been made. But drivers can stay tuned to our blog to see when their favorite Audi model gets the new features of the Audi Virtual Cockpit.