Concerns about fuel efficiency are not necessarily typical from Audi drivers, but that doesn’t mean great strides in fuel economy can’t be made anyway. Audi is taking a step forward to develop a new technology that could show you how to get better gas mileage in an Audi.

The technology is simple — high resolution navigation maps. Not only could these maps look great in your Audi and help improve navigation, but they could also help you get better gas mileage.

How is that possible? Though this innovation is still being developed, a real world example exists today that highlights the fuel saving capabilities of high resolutions maps, and it comes from the Audi Q7.

The new Audi Q7 is equipped with the predictive efficiency assistant, which utilizes data from the surrounding area’s topography to help you save money on fuel. The system takes roadway and topography data into account, often before the driver can see it with their own eyes, in a way that can help drivers get the most out of their fuel economy by providing tips to the driver when a decrease in speed could help with fuel-savings.

The high resolution map data could also be an important technology when it comes to piloted driving. It has been said that the next generation of the Audi A8 could be a leader in using high resolution maps for use in piloted driving functions.

There is always new technology to get excited about from Audi, and it is even better when it has the added benefit of assisting drivers with fuel efficiency. To learn more about these high resolution maps as they develop or how to get better gas mileage in an Audi, stay tuned to the Royal Oak Audi blog. You can also explore our new Audi models that come equipped with some fine tech tools to enhance your driving experience.