Can the Apple Watch Connect With Audi Models

Since the arrival of smartphone technology, auto makers have begun finding new ways to connect our phones to our vehicles. We are always connected, and one of the latest technologies to help keep us connected to the world is the smartwatch, with the Apple Watch creating particular buzz in the news in recent months. So when it comes to our vehicles, can the Apple Watch connect to Audi models?

The Apple Watch works by connecting to apps downloaded to your phone. By syncing with your iPhone, the Apple Watch is able to receive notifications right to your wrist, as long as the app is downloaded to both the Apple Watch and the iPhone. This allows for more convenience when it comes to checking the important notifications many iPhone users receive throughout the day.

Not every iPhone app has an Apple Watch counterpart, however, as the Apple Watch is still fairly new. No doubt more apps will be developed in the future that allow us to connect to vehicle systems. Will Audi be one of them?

At this time, there are no Audi apps specifically designed for the Apple Watch. That being said, it was not long ago that Apple CarPlay came on the scene, and any future Audi vehicles that implement the CarPlay system may allow for some connectivity between the Apple Watch and the vehicle in the future. For now, however, it is still unknown exactly how these functions would play out.

For some, this may not matter, as several months ago a smartwatch collaboration between LG and Audi was revealed. The watch was shown at CES 2015, but it is not clear what future plans there are for such a watch to go into production.

So, does the Apple Watch connect with Audi models? Maybe not quite yet, but for now, we can wait for the technology to develop that will allow us connectivity to our vehicles and all our electronic devices. Stay tuned to the Royal Oak Audi blog for future updates.