How to Use the Electromechanical Parking Brake on Audi Models

If you have been used to using a hand brake lever for the parking brake in past vehicles you have owned, you may wonder where to find the parking brake in many Audi models. Thankfully, the parking brake in Audi models is design to be simple to use and you should be able quickly to learn how to use the electromechanical parking brake on Audi models.

The parking brake on many Audi models is operated simply by flipping a switch. It really is that easy. Consult your owner’s manual to help you determine the location of the switch in your vehicle.

Pulling up on the switch will engage the parking brake, and you should see the work “PARK” become illuminated in the instrument cluster. The parking brake switch should also become illuminated.

For many vehicles (though not all), the parking brake will engage automatically if the driver’s door is open when the ignition is switched on, the vehicle is stationary and the vehicle is switched out of park or neutral. This is a safety feature designed to prevent your vehicle from moving when not intended. It’s just one more way Audi vehicles are designed to keep you safe.

Turning off the electromechanical parking brake is easy. Just switch the ignition on, apply your foot to the brake pedal and then safely switch the parking brake off by pushing the switch down. The parking brake will automatically turn off should the vehicle be switched into gear, as long as the door is closed and the safety belt is fastened.

So, what is the benefit to having an electric parking brake? In addition to the safety features mentioned, the electromechanical parking brake can also enhance your drive with the Hill Start Assist function. When you are stopped on an incline or hill, you can apply the parking brake. Once you are ready to take off again, just apply your foot to the gas pedal. The electromechanical parking brake will remain engaged until enough power is built up to smoothly travel from a stop to forward motion, preventing the vehicle from rolling backward.

Now that you know how to use the electromechanical parking brake on Audi models, be sure to take advantage of this innovative feature. As al