What is Audi Pre Sense Basic and Audi Pre Sense Rear

Amongst the list of exciting high tech features that you might find equipped on your 2016 Audi A6 are a number of driving assistance features. These features can help to keep you safe on the road and take action to help prevent a collision. If you have looked into some of these features, you may wonder, what is Audi Pre Sense Basic and Audi Pre Sense Rear? Read on to find out.


Audi Pre Sense Basic can be activated under certain driving situations. Let’s say that you find yourself in a position where you need to brake quickly while driving your A6 on the road to avoid a collision with a car or obstacle in front of you. In this situation, the Audi Pre Sense Basic system can take action to prepare for a collision by tightening safety belts, while also closing the windows and the sunroof apart from a slight gap in order to allow air through the vehicle. If a collision does not occur, and we hope it never does, then the seat belts will loosen again.


If your vehicle is equipped with Audi Pre Sense Rear, it can actually help you to prepare for a potential collision from behind. By sensing if a vehicle is approaching too quickly, the system will also tighten safety belts and close the windows and sunroof until there is a small gap left open. Unlike the Pre Sense Basic, however, it will also adjust the front and outboard rear seats. Everything will revert back to normal should a collision not occur.

To learn more about models equipped with these safety features, feel free to contact us at Audi Royal Oak. If you are still asking, what is Audi Pre Sense Basic and Audi Pre Sense Rear and how does it work in my vehicle, you can also check your owner’s manual for more information.