Audi J.D. Power APEAL Rating and Review

Apart from being neighbors, there are many similarities that can be found between Canada and the United States, and it appears the latest similarity is great taste in cars. That appears to be the case after J.D. Power's APEAL study for the U.S. was released just recently. The Audi J.D. Power APEAL rating and review highlighted the A3 sedan and Q3 SUV with top honors.

The APEAL acronym comes from the official title of the study: the Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study. The study is designed to examine new vehicle appeal by allowing owners to evaluate 77 attributes of their vehicle. More than 84,000 responses were gathered between February and May 2015 from drivers who had been driving their 2015 model year vehicle for more than 90 days.

Since the study allows owners to rate their own vehicles, it is a great indicator of which vehicles only talk the talk and which ones actually walk the walk. And it appears the Audi A3 and Audi Q3 certainly walk the walk.

The A3 successfully ranked highest in the Small Premium Car segment, while the Q3 boasted first place in the Small Premium SUV category. The Q3 has also ranked highest in J.D. Power's Initial Quality Study for the Small Premium SUV segment. Three other Audi models landed spots in the top three of their category: the A7, Q5 and Q7.

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The U.S. study shows just how gratifying owning an Audi is for North American drivers. But don't just take everyone else's word for it. Feel free to contact us at Audi Royal Oak and set up a test drive with your favorite model or one of these high ranking models from the Audi J.D. Power APEAL rating and review.