How to Use Audi Massage Seats

Audi models are full of small details that launch the vehicles to a whole new level of sophistication and luxury. One of those details is the massage function found in the seats on certain Audi models. If your Audi model has this, then there is no doubt you're going to want to start taking advantage of it. Let us show you how to use Audi massage seats so you can stay relaxed and comfortable on any drive.

Audi Massage Seat Controls

How to Use Audi Massage Seats controlsActivating the Audi massage seats is easy. Just find the massage seat button, located on the left side of your seat. It will be near the multi-function control buttons and the seat adjustment levers.

Next, pay attention to your MMI touchscreen, where the Audi massage seat options will be displayed. You can use this screen to select which type of massage you want and the strength of the massage to ensure you remain comfortable.

  • Use the multi-function control buttons on the side of your seat to sort through the massage seat options.
  • Toggle up or down to select the type of massage you want. Available options include wave, pulse, stretch, lumbar and shoulder. You can turn the massage function off on this screen as well.
  • Once you have selected the type of massage you want, you can use the multi-function buttons to select the intensity. Sort through the intensity levels by using the forward/backward buttons on the multi-function control on the side of your seat.
Audi Massage Button Control

The massage function will continue for 10 minutes once activated, which should be enough time to get yourself relaxed. If you would like to add additional time to the massage seat function, you can do so by once again pressing the massage function button on the side of your seat. Your Audi will save your preferred massage settings, even when the vehicle is turned off.

Now that you know how to use Audi massage seats, go ahead and try them out. Go for a relaxing drive to try out all the different massage function settings to find your favorite. As always, contact us at Audi Royal Oak with any questions.