Audi A8 L Security Price and Features

Audi has been full of surprises ahead of the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, and the latest reveal is the development of the Audi A8 L Security model, which is said to be the most secure Audi ever. What is it and what is it used for? Is it affordable? Well, let's take a more detailed look at the Audi A8 L Security price and features.

Audi A8 L Security Features and Specs

Audi High Security

Not many drivers have the need for armored security, but if that is something you want in your sedan, the Audi A8 L Security has you covered. The car meets the criteria for the VR9 ballistic protections standard, which Audi has said is the most stringent requirement when it comes to high-security sedans for the civilian market. The safety cell of the model utilizes hot-formed steel armor and aramid fabric, which are highly resistant materials.

A previous version of the A8 L Security met resistance class VR 7, but now the model meets the requirements for the resistance class VR 9. The vehicle has undergone testing with explosive charges as well. Other security features of the model include an armored communication box and selective door unlocking. Other systems are available upon request, like an emergency exit system and fire extinguishing system.

Audi A8 L Pricing and Availability

audi a8 l security exterior rear features and stylingOrders on the high-security sedan are now being accepted, but it is not clear whether or not there will be any limitations to which parts of the world the model will be offered. Those who are able to pre-order the Audi A8 L Security model, however, can expect delivery to begin in the spring of 2016.

Pricing is not detailed at this point, but we wouldn't expect the model's starting MSRP to be a close comparison to the typical Audi A8. While you wait for more details and save up more money for this high-security sedan, be sure to continue checking back here for future news on the Audi A8 L Security price and features.

Audi High Security