What are Audi S Models

If you're new to Audi, that's OK. Whether you've been enjoying the Audi experience for years or are just now looking into getting behind the wheel of Audi sophistication and power, we are here to help. New Audi fans may have to take some time to understand the Audi lineup, as you'll notice that most models fall into two categories: A models and S models. So, what are Audi S models?

The typical A model provides plenty of power, but a few Audi model lines add some extra sportiness. Those models are Audi S, Audi RS and Audi R8. Models with this badging are even more high performance.

You'll notice that A line models have an S model counterpart. For example, the 2016 Audi A6 sedan comes standard with a 252-horsepower 2.0 TFSI engine and comes available with a 333-horsepower 3.0 TFSI engine. The 2016 Audi S6, on the other hand, comes with an even more powerful 450-horsepower 4.0 TFSI engine.

Audi S Model

Benefits of Audi S Models

That is just one example, though. There are many more benefits to selecting an S line model for those who can utilize and appreciate the features.

In the Audi S6 for example, there is something called Audi Cylinder-on-Demand technology. Engine cylinders can be shut off during partial load operation, meaning the engine is only using the power necessary. This can lead to efficient and smooth engine operation.

Audi Sports Seats

Other features that you might find throughout the S model line are S sports suspension and S tronic transmission for efficient sportiness and lightning quick gear changes. You're also likely to find some sporty interior design changes like S sport seats.

Of course, each model is different, but now that you have a general idea of what Audi S models are, you should be able to decide if you prefer the luxuriousness of Audi's A models or the added sportiness of Audi S models. Feel free to give us a call at 403-547-5900 to continue your research or to get behind the wheel and try out these models for yourself.