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Benefits of Audi Night Vision Help Light the Way for Safer Driving

How Does Audi Night Vision Work?

You may not have known that some Audi models have night vision. After all, night vision is a technology that you would think it too high tech to be used in a car, but when it comes to Audi, no technology is off limits. So, how does Audi night vision work? Let's take a look.

When driving in low light conditions, such as at twilight and after dark, the Audi Night Vision Assistant system can help you to spot objects in front of the vehicle that might otherwise be difficult to see. The system does this by using a thermal imaging camera on the front of the vehicle.

This camera picks up on the heat given off by objects, such as animals or people in the roadway. A thermal image of the roadway ahead is projected onto the central display of the vehicle. The image will be in black and white, however, detected objects up to 100 meters can be highlighted in yellow. When objects appear to be a hazard, they can then be displayed in red and an audible warning may sound.

Audi Night Vision Display

Is Audi Night Vision Assistant worth it?

Of course, you have to decide, is Audi Night Vision Assistant worth it? We certainly believe so.

The impressive Audi night vision technology uses a far infrared system and can cover a range of up to 300 meters. This range is quite a bit further than what can be covered by high-beam headlights, meaning that your field of view can now be significantly increased when it comes to identifying potential hazards.

The system can also be customized to meet your personal preferences. You can decide whether pedestrians are highlighted or not in the night vision screen, as well as turn on or turn off the warning tone.

Now that you know how Audi night vision assistant works, we encourage you to try it out for yourself. It is a feature that can help improve safety on the road and enhance the driving experience.

Mar 14th, 2016