How Did Audi Come Up With Its Logo?

The Audi name and logo have long represented driving excellence in automotive engineering and innovation. But how did Audi come up with its logo? Furthermore, where did Audi get its unique name from? Let's find out as we explore Audi history.

How did Audi get its logo?

Most drivers will recognize it as soon as they see it. The famous four rings of the Audi logo help represent top quality vehicles and innovative technology. It is automotive engineering and design at its finest.

Going back in history, however, we find that the Audi logo also represents the very beginning of Audi AG. In 1932, four independent automotive manufacturers came together to form the roots of what we now know as Audi AG: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. There is one ring for each of these independent companies.

What or who is Audi named after?

In 1899, a man named August Horch founded the Horch & Cie. company in Cologne. Horch would later leave the company to create a new automotive company named after himself, called Audi. So, how does Horch turn into Audi?

Horch could not infringe upon the trademarked Horch name used for his first company, so he had to come up with something else. That is when the son of one of Horch's business colleagues came up with a way for Horch to still use his last name, only in Latin instead. Horch, roughly meaning "hark" or "listen" in English, became Audi when translated into Latin.

Now that you know how Audi came up with its logo and name, consider getting behind the wheel of one of our Audi models at Audi Royal Oak. When you do, you will be able to join a respected part of automotive history.