Audi A4 Mountain Snow

Although Calgary has been lucky so far with the weather, you can’t fight the inevitable. It’s time to talk about winterizing your Audi. There’s no fighting it, the time has come and the temperatures will be starting to drop!

Already we have reached below zero a couple of times, meaning your all season tires, just aren’t doing what makes your Audi perform at its best.

Rest assured if you are armed with the Audi Quattro system you are already ahead of the game for the winter roads, however, the winter tires will have more movement and really let your Quattro system get to work!


There are lots of factors to take into account when winterizing your Audi. Simple things you can do, like checking your battery, brakes, defrosters and windshield wipers should be taken care of. Then there’s all of your fluids, like oil and washer fluid. Keeping your gas tank as full as possible prevents any moisture gathering and freezing in your tank too.

Make sure your emergency kit is ready and replenished. Don’t get stuck by the side of the road at minus 30 to remember the blanket was taken out last summer for that romantic picnic, or the flashlight batteries are dead.

Most importantly give us a call to get complete peace of mind and we can service your vehicle and get it ready for winter! We can check your belts and hoses, defrosting and heating units, make sure all your antifreeze and fluid levels are perfect and set you up for a winter filled with enjoyable road trips.

Beware the salt! Although salt is a driver’s friend for gaining traction, it is highly corrosive so be sure to take good care of your Audi both inside and out this winter season!


Contact us today at (403) 547-5900 to book your winter service, but most importantly, stay safe and enjoy all the winter driving season has to offer.