How Does Audi Build Its Cars using 3d glasses

How Does Audi Build Its Cars?

Before a new Audi even comes into existence, Audi engineers are busy assembling a counterpart model that dwells within the virtual world. A sort of virtual reality world is allowing engineers to test assembly methods before a new car moves on to production. If you’ve ever wondered, how does Audi built its cars, this is how, and the answer is likely more surprising than you may have thought.

The technology derives from the gaming industry and allows engineers to interact with a 3-D projection of vehicle components. This allows the components to be assembled virtually, which can help engineers determine proper assembly processes and steps for workers on the production line.

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How Does Audi’s Virtual Assembly Technology Work?

How Does Audi's Virtual Assembly Technology Work with virtual armband technologyThese virtual tests are taking place in what is being called the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment, or CAVE. Images are projected onto the floor and the wall, which appear 3-D for the engineers who are wearing 3-D glasses. Our guess is that these glasses are at least a little more high tech than the blue and red ones you may have played with as a kid.

Speaking of high tech, this innovative technology doesn’t end just with 3-D goggles. Though engineers currently move these 3-D components using a gaming controller, as part of a pilot phase, an armband is also being tested that is capable of measuring muscle currents. The data can then be sent to a computer and combined with position coordinates from an infrared camera called a Kinect, which is also used in the gaming world. With this technology, the system should be able to determine how the user is moving their arms and fingers, allowing engineers to interact with components using simple gestures.

Though this technology is still only part of a pilot project, how Audi builds its cars shows how the brand with four rings remains at the forefront of technology in many areas, from infotainment to engineering. With technology and thorough planning such as this, it’s no wonder that Audi excels in top quality engineering and craftsmanship. Experience it for yourself by checking out our new Audi inventory at Audi Royal Oak.

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