Audi myCarManager and myService Features

Audi myCarManager and myService Features

New features are coming to Audi connect that deliver convenience and security, all through a users smartphone. The features are being called myCarManager and myService, and are said to so far be available for the Audi Q7 and the new A4 model line. But will the services be available here in Canada?

Audi myCarManager Features

Using the Audi MMI connect smartphone app, users will be able to control a number of vehicle functions, right from their smartphone. The myCarManager features will allow drivers of the new Q7 and A4 to do some of the following:

  • lock/unlock doors
  • turn on or off the optional auxiliary heating
  • view vehicle status reports to see things like engine oil level, fuel level and warning messages
  • see where the car was parked should it get lost in a crowded area
Audi myCarManager and myService Features audi my carmanager features audi mmi connect smartphone app features

Audi myService Features

With the myService feature, drivers will be able to specify a service partner in the myAudi portal, and when there is an upcoming service need, data can be sent to that service provider. The service provider can then contact the driver to set up an appointment for maintenance.

Audi myService also acts as a safety feature. If an accident takes place (and we hope it never does) that activates a restraint system, like an airbag, an emergency call will go out to the Audi Emergency Call Center with important vehicle data and coordinates. Drivers will be able to communicate by voice with service employees, and if those in the vehicle are not able to communicate, an ambulance can be dispatched.

Is Audi myCarManager and myService available in Canada?

The Audi myCarManager and myService features are just one more way that Audi is staying ahead in terms of technology and driver assistance. So, will we see these features in Canada? So far, mention has only been made about the systems’ availability in Germany/Europe. Nothing has been specifically ruled out yet, however, so be sure to stay tuned.

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