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Audi Apps for iPhone

Since smartphones first came on the scene, auto manufacturer’s have begun finding ways to connect them to our vehicles. Audi accomplishes this in many ways and provides options for drivers to connect with the Audi world. See our list of Audi apps for iPhone that you ought to try out.

MMI Connect app for iPhone

For many Audi drivers, this app is a must-have. The MMI Connect app allows you to connect to your vehicle in unique ways, such as sharing destinations with your car to use for navigation, music streaming from your smartphone’s library or Internet radio stations, and the CarFinder that helps you find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. There are many more features in this app, so download it now to explore all your Audi’s capabilities.

Audi Sport motorsport app

Audi continually pushes the limits of what’s possible, and one way this is exhibited is through Audi’s involvement in the high performance world of motorsports. Innovative Audi technologies are first tested out on the race track, so stay updated on news, events and data from the world of Audi motorsports.

AudiMedia app for iPhone

Another great way to stay updated on what Audi is doing is simply through the AudiMedia app. There, you can find the latest news from Audi about new models, pricing, specs and more. If you’re a registered journalist, you will also love the exclusive access.

Audi Sailing news and information

Another sport Audi is involved in is sailing, being the sponsor of the German national sailing team. This app covers, news, results, media and information on the events and sailors.

The useful, informative and fun Audi apps for iPhone can help make your Audi experience even better. Try them out now to learn more about Audi, stay updated on news and get the most from your Audi model. Remember to continue checking back to Audi Royal Oak for news, stories and tips in the future. Be sure to view our new Audi models and feel free to contact the team at Audi Royal Oak for your automotive needs.