What is Audi Pre Sense Plus?

If your brain senses that something is about to hit your body, it sends out an alert, allowing you to prepare for impact. You may snap your eyes shut, turn your body, crouch down or clench your muscles to better protect against the impending danger. None of it may be necessary, or even help at all, but the reaction is involuntary, as it is your body’s attempt at protecting you. It may not help, but it could also save your life.

Your car doesn’t have the ability to think on its own, and therefore is unable to produce the same results, but with Audi pre sense plus, it can now come quite close. Audi vehicles equipped with the system can brace themselves for impact, helping to minimize damages and to keep you and your passengers safe.

In vehicles with pre sense plus, there is a camera located near the rearview mirror, as well as a pair of radar sensors in the front and back of the vehicle. They all work together to monitor road conditions and keep an eye on other vehicles in the vicinity. If something goes awry, they help to let the vehicle know.

Phases of Audi pre sense plus

Whenever another vehicle is detected and come dangerously close, the pre sense plus system snaps into action. It warns the driver and instantly increase the overall braking force just in case it is needed. If the collision is about to occur from the rear, the seats move into the safest possible position and the pneumatic side seat sections inflate. The hazard warning lights then kick in and if any of the windows or the sunroof is open, they are closed. In the final phase, the seat belts are tightened to ensure that passengers are safe.


Audi pre sense plus consists of four separate phases.

Above you can see exactly what each of the four phases contain and when they are put into place. Keep in mind that these steps are taken even if a crash does not occur. All it takes is a vehicle getting too close for the safety features to activate. That is because you never know when a collision may occur. Also, that way, if something does happen to go wrong, the vehicle is able to brace itself and keep you protected.

If you have any questions about what audi pre sense plus is, or want to see the system in action, we first encourage you to watch the video below. After viewing that, if you have further questions, be sure to get in touch with us here at Audi Royal Oak. We would be more than happy to provide you with answers.