2015 Audi S4

2015 Audi S4 Calgary AB

All the right moves in all the right places. That’s what the 2015 Audi S4 is all about.

As the performance-tuned version of the A4, there’s no arguing that the S4 is impressive, and although you can take our word for it, if you prefer to get proof for yourself, you can get it here at Audi Royal Oak. The S4 is one of our most widely-stocked new vehicles, and with a range of options to choose from, we can assure you that if you’re on the hunt for a 2015 Audi S4 in Calgary AB, your search ends right here.

There are two different trim levels of the S4, and although both offer the same turbocharged engine and the same superior styling on the outside, when it comes to the cabin, there are a few key differences. The level of luxury is already unsurpassed in both of the trims, but if you want to get the cream of the crop, the Prestige trim of the S4 is definitely the one for you. Not only does it offer comfort, but entertainment as well. Even better is that it all comes at a price that is surprisingly affordable.

Performance of the 2015 Audi S4

As we said, regardless of trim level, the S4 comes equipped with a 3.0-litre TFSI engine, which possesses the ability to produce as much as 333 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. Much like the other three-litre options in the Audi lineup, the powertrain found beneath the hood of the S4 puts a total of six pistons to work. The V8-like numbers, however, come courtesy of the turbocharger mated to the six-cylinder engine.

Many sports cars on the market send power exclusively to the back axle, but in the S4, a quattro all-wheel drive system helps to send power to all four of the wheels. What makes the system so unique is that it constantly monitors the grip of the rubber, and any time that there is wheel slip, power to that specific wheel is shut off and redirected to the wheel with the most traction. This helps to ensure that you are able to benefit from maximum performance at all times—even in the most unfavorable of conditions.

Get the 2015 Audi S4 in Calgary AB

The safety features of the Audi S4 don’t end there. Much like every vehicle outfitted with the iconic four-ring emblem, you get a number of cabin-filling airbags that help to keep you and your passengers protected at all times, but you also get a range of features that assist in keeping those airbags from ever having to deploy. That includes an impressive Audi side assist feature that watches your blind spots for you, and an adaptive cruise control system that allows you to be a bit more relaxed behind the wheel.

If you are interested in exploring the 2015 Audi S4 and all of its features a bit deeper, we encourage you to take the next step and give us a call so that we can schedule a time for you to come in and test drive the S4 here in Calgary AB. We would be more than happy to introduce you to the performance-enhanced version of the A4. As always, if you have any questions at all for us, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

2015 Audi S4