Its summer in Calgary, which as you know, could mean anything! From the recent golf ball size hail to the 32 degree sun, it’s the time that you want your vehicle to be nice and clean inside and out so you can hit the road and be ready for adventure whenever you want!

Calgary has lots of options to keep your Audi looking it’s best, so we’ve done some research here at royal oak audi and after a thorough investigation ..(ie asked our team), we’ve compiled  a quick review of some of Calgary’s car washes.

location #5  Centex on 23rd Ave and Centre St. North.

Why: It’s cheaper than most and lots of features. Their bays fit 2 cars at a time and there are 4 lanes, you can use coins or credit card charge (pay for what you use), they have an undercarriage wash and a high pressure dryer nozzle.

Location #4 Happy Bays on 16th Ave. and 46 St. NW. They don’t have drying or undercarriage wash but their washing ingredients get the job done well. Depending on the weather, it’s usually fairly open.

Location #3 Western Pride 4011 Richmond Road SW

The self wash bays are open 24hrs with detailing available during business hours. For less than a basic run-through at a touchless car wash, you can wash your own car both inside and out. It’s got 10 coin-operated bays with a bristle soap brush and high powered sprayer for rinses and wax jobs, as well was several hand washing stations and vacuum stations on site.
The best part is that it’s open 24 hours a day, so if you’re so inclined to wash your car at 4am, have at it!, it also has a credit card option to make payment easy.

Location #2  The Wax Shop 416 Meridian Rd SE

The Wax Shop provides everything from express hand washes and full auto detailing to interior and upholstery steaming and carpet shampooing.  Appointments are required and a basic exterior wash takes about an hour.

Location #1 Bubbles Car Wash Macleod Trail

If you are looking for a bit more pampering for your vehicle, then this is a great option. Bubbles car wash has friendly reliable staff and a clean and pleasant waiting area where you can watch your car getting detailed. They offer various services from just an outside was or the full treatment where your car will be thoroughly cleaned. It’s a pricier option, but that’s to be expected while you sit in a recliner watching someone else do the work!