Audi A6

Audi A6


The 2014 Audi A6 2.0T is available now, and has many features that set a new standard for efficiency and driving pleasure. If you have been considering an Audi A6, you have more than likely been weighing up comparisons to it’s competitors. Its main challenger being the BMW 5 series 528XI Sedan.

To help with your comparison, here’s a look at the new Audi 2014 in a nutshell, with a comparison to what its competitor has to offer.

With the A6, the looks are deceiving, in the best way possible.

Firstly, it’s a good looking vehicle, with hidden benefits in the design. If you are looking for striking and flowing lines, as well as lower fuel consumption and emissions, improved agility and performance, the A6 has all that and then some thanks to its hybrid aluminum construction. The BMW, although still a good looking machine, does not offer the fuel saving technology of the hybrid design.

Audi A6 InteriorThe A6’s 2.0 litre TFSI® Direct Injection technology is combined with turbocharching, increasing the torque and power of spark-ignition engines, making them as much as 15 percent more economical and reducing exhaust emissions. This also provides impressive acceleration and response through continuous camshaft adjustment.

The 8-speed Tiptronic transmission features a sport program that adapts to road conditions and the driver’s style, while the legendary quattro permanent all-wheel drive system monitors speed, cornering and traction to guarantee superior control in a wide range of driving conditions.

The BMW 5 series also offers the 8 speed gearbox with the steptronic function, however,  you would also be missing out on the Quattro all wheel drive system.

Keeping your vision clear:Night time vision is optimized with the Bi Xenon headlights, that emulate natural daylight, and produce twice as much light as halogen headlights making driving safer, even in poor weather, the Audi also has the option of LED headlights, not currently available in the BMW 5 series.

The Audi “Technology” package also offers many navigational features to assist you on your journey, including a full-colour LCD screen and MMI® control logic. This generation MMI® offers a colour driver information system and 3D topography graphics that include the buildings in many cities. Also included is voice control for navigation and telephone functions and MMI® touch function.

The package combines Audi side assist, where, at speeds over 19 mph, Audi side assist system monitors the blind spot areas, as well as fast-approaching vehicles, at a range of about 150 ft. to the rear of the car.  At speeds over 30 kph, Audi side assist system monitors the blind spot areas, as well as fast-approaching vehicles, at a range of about 50 m to the rear of the car. If Audi side assist identifies another vehicle, it informs the driver via LED lights in the exterior mirror.

Music for your ride:

The Audi Music Interface allows you to plug in your MP3 player through the glove box and access your complete library, and of course you have the option to use SIRIUS satellite radio as well as a Bluetooth interface for your music collection.

The 5 series has two separate rear entertainment systems. Keeps the little ones quiet and is great for passengers who would rather ignore you on your road trips. J

Want more control?

The innovative Audi drive select system allows you to control how the engine, gearbox and steering respond with the touch of a button, and control the adaptive suspension, dynamic steering, transmission shift characteristics, and engine response.  Choose one of four modes – comfort, dynamic, auto or individual according to your preference for a more spontaneous, balanced or fuel-efficient response.

The 5 series also provides several options to customize the control of your ride, including integral active steering, dynamic damping control and the x-drive all wheel drive option.

Who said good looks and safety can’t be comfortable? Looks and comfort combine with safety in the interior design of the Audi A6 2.0T.It was conceived with comfort and safety as paramount objectives, resulting in a spacious, welcoming interior with sophisticated appointments and intelligent, ergonomically placed controls.

Similar to the A6, the BMW boasts the ergonomically designed interior with intuitive controls, with the quality craftsmanship expected of the brand.

The Audi A6, also has its counterparts, the 3.0t, TDI, and S6, all of which are available to test drive now!


In the end, a lot of decisions often come down to price. The BMW 5 series sedan starts at $54,600.

The Audi A6 is priced at $53,600.

To truly make up your mind and give yourself the opportunity to compare in person, drop by the showroom and take a look for yourself,  or book your test drive today by calling (403) 547-5900.