For the first time, Audi was rated as the most considered brand by North Americans who are intending on purchasing a luxury vehicle in the next several months. The results were the findings of the GfK Automotive Intentions and Purchases and Barometer of Automotive Awareness and Imagery Studies conducted in the second quarter.


The brand’s top ranking for consideration in the study provides new validation for the growing regard for the Audi marque in the North American market and serves as a promising indicator of future sales increases.

“These findings reflect how hot the Audi brand and portfolio are and show how these factors translate into actual consumer demand and personal decision-making,” Eric Sharp, Manager of Marketing Insights and Strategy for Audi of America, told Audi Progress. “This is a great bellwether for future potential demand” for Audi vehicles in the United States,” he explained, “because these numbers come from people who said they’ll actually be buying a luxury car in the next two to three years.”

“It’s an early indicator. If you hold this metric up to actual future demand for each of the luxury brands, we’ll find that it was a relatively good indication of what demand for each of those brands would be.”

The move to the No. 1 spot in the GfK study represents an improvement from the No. 2 spot after BMW in 2012 and the No. 4 spot in 2011 after BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. Nevertheless, Sharp says, Audi is still a challenger brand in the North American market; and “by no means are we resting our laurels,” he continues, “we’ve still got a lot of work to do.”