The 560-horsepower Audi RS 7 answers a question nobody asked – can I have more power with my Audi S7? In fact, the standard 310-horsepower A7 offers enough power that Automobile Magazine recently declared that the, “3.0-liter supercharged V-6 packs enough midrange punch that it fooled several passengers into thinking the car had a V-8.”

Yet, as bona-fide car enthusiasts we at Royal Oak Audi aren’t ones to say “no” to more performance. In that regard Audi hasn’t let us down. Besides the aforementioned 560-horsepower 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine, Audi has fitted the RS 7 with an aggressive body kit that enhances the car’s elegant lines while speaking to the RS 7’s 305 km/h top speed.

Of course, reaching such speeds requires that owners purchase the dynamic package plus. Like most German cars, the RS 7 comes standard with a 250 km/h governed top speed that can be lifted to 280 km/h when owners purchase the midline dynamic package.

Audi wouldn’t sell a sedan capable of breaking 300 km/h without the ability to come to a sufficient stop. Replete with what Audi describes as a “weight-saving wave design”, the standard vented discs measure a massive 390 mm up front. Yet, for even greater stopping performance, Audi will offer carbon ceramic disc brakes that measure an even more impressive 420 mm up front. These optional brakes are not only more capable due to their increased size, they are also significantly more resistant to brake-fade.

Of course it wouldn’t be 2013 without some concession to fuel economy. Besides a quick shifting and efficient 8-speed automatic transmission, the Audi RS 7 also comes with a cylinder on demand (COD) system that shuts down half of the RS 7’s eight cylinders when full power isn’t needed. The inclusion of such technology allows the RS 7 to burn a mere 9.8 liters of fuel for every 100 km, according to Audi.

To learn more about the all-new RS 7 watch the video below as Audi’s Product Manager for the A6, A7, A8 and Q7 Anthony Foulk shows off the RS 7’s many exciting luxury and performance features.

Video courtesy of Audi