If you’re a fan of the YouTube channel Drive you may recognize Matt Farah as the host of “Tuned!” Or you may remember Farah from the short-lived Speed channel television show “The Car Show”. Perched next to Adam Carolla and the Wall Street Journal’s Dan Neil, Farah was neither as funny as Carolla nor as knowledgeable as Neil. Nonetheless, Farah’s a car-guy and a seasoned on-screen presenter, and thus his work with “The Smoking Tire” is certainly worth a watch.

A former Audi S5 owner, Farah found the car to be “fun” but “far from a sports car.” Of course since Farah’s S5 left his personal fleet in 2010, the model has been supplanted by the RS5 in Audi’s model range supremacy.

Armed with a 450-horsepower engine, a redline set at 8,500 rpm and a quick shifting 7-speed S tronic semi-automatic transmission, Farah takes the all-wheel-drive monster down the curvy mountain road of Mulholland Highway that simply goes by the name, the “Snake”.

It’s clear that Farah is enjoying himself while sawing at the RS5’s flat-bottom steering wheel and tapping the car’s paddle shifters, but you’ll have to watch the entire video to find out if Farah finds the RS5 to be the sports car his S5 failed to be.