2013 Audi R8, R8 V10 plus, Iron Man

Ever since the Audi R8 arrived in 2008, reviewers and fans alike have struggled to find fault with the sports car. So perfect was the R8, that Tony Stark drove two: an Audi R8 coupe in “Iron Man” and a V10 Audi R8 Spyder in “Iron Man 2.”

Unable to rest on its laurels, Audi set out to introduce an improved Audi R8 for the 2013 model year. The biggest news comes in the form of an all-new top of the line model – the Audi R8 V10 plus coupe.

As the name implies, the new R8 V10 plus coupe takes the R8 V10 and adds more. The V10 engine is massaged for an extra 25-horsepower, bringing the stable total to 550 horses. Further revisions to the suspension, standard carbon ceramic brakes, and a carbon fiber front splitter differentiate the R8 V10 plus from the standard R8 V10. Fans of the R8 Spyder will have to make do with either the standard 430-horsepower V8 model or 525-horsepower V10 model, as the R8 V10 plus is a coupe-only affair; however, many of the upgrades, including the carbon ceramic brakes and carbon fiber front splitter, are available as options throughout the R8 range.

Fortunately, every R8 model benefits from exterior enhancements for the 2013 model year. A redesigned front fascia, which includes redesigned LED headlamps, gives the 2013 R8 a distinct and intimidating look that befits its performance capability. Outback, the taillamps have also been redesigned.

Arguably the most important change to the R8 lineup is the addition of a new dual-clutch 7-speed S Tronic semi-automatic transmission that replaces the clunky single-clutch 6-speed R Tronic transmission of the 2012 R8. Buyers who prefer to row their own gears can still purchase the 2013 R8 with a six-speed manual.

Besides improving driving comfort at low speed compared to the previous R Tronic transmission, the new S Tronic gearbox also helps the 2013 R8 sprint from 0-100 km/h three milliseconds faster than its three-pedaled counterparts already impressive times of 4.6 seconds (V8 coupe) and 3.9 seconds (V10 coupe).

With 8,000 test kilometers at the famed Nurburgring under its belt, the 2013 Audi R8 is a more capable sports car than ever. Complete with the technology Audi-buyers expect and the performance enthusiasts desire, the 2013 Audi R8 coupe and Spyder continue to emulate perfection. The addition of the new R8 V10 plus model and the quick shifting 7-speed S Tronic transmission only serve to make a great sports car even better.


Photo and Video Credit: Audi