Audi has won two awards at the 2011 Telematics Update Awards. Audi won the “Global OEM Infotainment Solution” award for Audi connect which is the solution that connects Audi vehicles to the internet, the driver, and nearby infrastructure. And Dr. Peter Steiner, head of Infotainment Development at Audi AG, won the “Telematic Leadership” award.

From the A1 and the brand-new Q3 to the A6, the A7 Sportback and the A8, Audi connect is now available in nearly all Audi models. You also have the option of networking these models via the UMTS module. Having the availability of fast data transfer enables the integration of pioneering online services such as navigation using Google Earth satellite images or extremely precise traffic congestion detection with Audi traffic information online. Both services offer tremendous practical benefits. Having navigation with content from Google Earth helps improve orientation, and the traffic information will help you enhance the reliability of route planning. And, as an added bonus, the current Audi connect portfolio also delivers weather and travel information or even news to to the automobile.

And to minimize distraction and maximize convenience, all connect services are integrated into the menu structure. Passengers can also take full advantage of the internet by connecting up to eight mobile devices, such as smartphones, to the WLAN hotspot integrated into the vehicle.

As a result, these technologies enables the Audi vehicle to be extensively networked. “A hallmark of the last decade was the internal networking of the vehicle. This decade, we are going to network the vehicle with its surroundings,” is how Ricky Hudi, head of Electrics/Electronics Development, describes these developments. One aspect of this is the intelligent link between the car and the owner’s smartphone. Audi will also be networking its future models more closely with the traffic infrastructure, such as traffic lights or parking garages, to better inform drivers and to protect them against hazards. A key element to this strategy is the networking of vehicles amongst themselves with the aim of developing swarm intelligence that can be used by all traffic participants.

These approaches and ideas are the reasons why Audi earned the prize in the Global OEM Infotainment Solution category at the Telematics Update Awards.

And the second award that Audi brings home goes to Dr. Peter Steiner, head of Infotainment Development at Audi AG who was honored as an expert in the Telematics Leadership category. Dr. Steiner obtained his PhD in engineering physics from the Technical University of Munich in 1996. He began his professional career at the firm Temic as head of Airbag Control Unit Development. He joined Audi AG in 2000, where he was responsible for the Convenience Electronics Development department. He has headed Infotainment Development since 2003. In that time, he has overseen the development of multimedia, navigation, audio and telephone systems for the Audi brand as well as the third generation MMI systems. A notable achievement under his leadership was the integration of Google Earth into an automotive navigation system as a world’s first. Audi and Google were honored for this online functionality with the prize for the “Best Embedded Telematics Navigation Product” at the 2010 Telematics Update Award.

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