With the summer months approaching, you may want to leave your Audi at home and consider alternative modes of transportation; or maybe you are looking for a recreational vehicle that shares a similar sense of luxury and performance as your automobile. Well, we have great news. Today, Audi of North America announced its partnership with Portland-based, high-end bicycle manufacturer Renovo Hardwood Bicycles. Together, the team has developed a line of hardwood bicycles called the duo that serves as both a work of art and a mode of transportation.

The all-new duo is composed of a monocoque frame made of hardwood. Why is the use of wood significant? Because wood offers the smoothest ride of any bike frame material due to its superior ability to absorb shock and vibration. Wood is also much lighter where its weight per cubic inch is about one-fourth the weight of aluminum. At the same time, it offers equal or even superior stiffness, durability, and toughness. An added bonus is the fact that wood is also recyclable and biodegradable.

Not only is Audi the first automotive manufacturer to recognize the benefits of wood, Audi is also the first automaker to offer a bicycle. This move is not merely a design exercise nor a mere rebadging of a common bicycle. Instead, the launch of the duo is an example of Audi’s commitment to its core principals of progressive innovation, combining craftsmanship and styling with performance and technology. In this arena, Audi has always pushed the envelope.

Some of the innovative features that are found in each duo model are a belt drive, aluminum and carbon fiber components, disk brakes, and LED lighting. It’s also interesting to note that the woods selected match the look of Audi automobile interiors. Individually hand-made, the Audi duo is available in three models to meet the different cycling styles and needs. Each one is lightweight, strong, durable and smooth.

The duo City is a leisure bike that has been built for the urban explorer and all-weather commuter. The bike seats the rider in an upright position which is ideal for short distances, comfort, and traffic vigilance. Functional features include wide, puncture resistant 32mm tires, LED lights, fenders, and a rack. The duo City’s drivetrain features a smooth, quiet, and grease-free Gates CenterTrack belt drive that is coupled to the Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal hub gear which creates effortless and maintenance-free shifting. All this for a cost of $6,530, which includes shipping and handling.

The duo Sport is built for the fitness, long-distance all-weather commuter that is looking for long-distance comfort and safety. Functional features include drop bars, minimum fenders, and medium-width, puncture resistant 28mm tires that have less rolling resistance. The drivetrain includes the same belt drive to that of the duo City but is coupled to the Shimano Alfine 11-speed internal gear hub. Here the sticker price is an inclusive $7,350.

Finally, the duo Road is the ultimate performance road bike that is great for club and century rides. Functional features include narrow tires, no fenders, minimal accessories, and SRAM Red, compact 20-speed gear train. The all-inclusive price for this performance work of art is $7,460.

Read more about the duo or order yours here. Find out more about Renovo here.