Audi enthusiasts have come to appreciate the combination of performance and luxury that is synonymous with Audi’s line of vehicles. For those looking to bring that experience to the slopes, Audi has developed the perfect ski.

With an air of sophistication, the Audi Carbon Ski concept exemplifies what Audi does best by living up to its philosophy of “Vorsprung durch Technik” which translates to “advancement through technology.” With the Carbon Ski concept, Audi combines its knowledge from motorsports and a 20 year partnership with the German Ski Association. Specifically, proven parameters used in ski sports were analyzed with the use of complex calculation methods drawn from motorsports resulting in construction calculations for a full-carbon ski that guarantees perfect handling properties.

These calculations dictate the precise number of layers of carbon required in order to achieve optimal stiffness with minimal torsion (the tendency of the ski to twist along its longitudinal axis.) These carbon layers are placed at a specific angle to each other and are then hardened under pressure in an artificial vacuum.

Based in the heart of the urban district of Schwabing, the team at Audi Concept Design Munich developed the concept design to fulfill the requirements that a ski is not only a technically sophisticated piece of sports equipment but also a highly aesthetic object that is optimized for top performance. The team of young, international designers were able to implant the Audi design gene into the ski. According to chief designer Wolfgang Egger, “Carbon and aluminum are central elements in Audi design—these exclusive materials underscore the outstanding quality of our cars. The design of the ski also intentionally dispenses with unnecessary lines and concentrates fully on the material.”

The ski boasts revolutionary handling properties: the ski flexes on moguls to achieve optimal grip on uneven surfaces; minimal torsion allows the steel edges to maintain their full-surface grip on icy patches; and the light weight carbon plays a critical role for skiing curves. The weight per ski is merely 960 grams.

To bring this concept technology to the everyday consumer, Audi has collaborated with sporting manufacturer, Head, to develop the serial-production Audi Carbon Ski.

Central to the design is the use of premium carbon which has an ideal combination of strength and weight. Surrounding a wood core, each ski is layered with aluminum and titanium and ultimately encased in a cab of high-strength carbon fibre. Weighing in at 1,550 grams with a ski length of 170 cm, the ski will be about 200 grams lighter than comparable models. The result is incredible manoeuvrability and agility.

Attendees of the January 2011, famous downhill race HahnenKamm in Kitzbühel and the February 2011 World Ski Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen were given the opportunity to test the first prototypes. The Audi Carbon Ski may be available as early as winter 2011/2012.