The autoshow season is starting in October with the 2010 Paris Auto Show and, as usual, the concepts are starting to be leaked. Let’s start with a little guessing game!What has the braking system, steering and suspension of the Audi R8 and now is even more like its design parent now that it is losing its top too? The Audi e-tron concept!

German publication Auto Bild is reporting an e-tron Spyder is heading to the 2011 Paris Auto Show with a new look. Based on the R8′s aluminum spaceframe, the concept is Audi’s futuristic new electric based sub-brand similar to the Quattro and TDI sub brands. In rumored controversy, it is uncertain whether or not the e-tron will be like the Quattro technology as some reports are stating that it is expected to be rear wheel drive instead of all-wheel drive. Changes in the concept’s development appear to currently place the electric motors mounted in the rear part of the car only.

Audi wants to improve efficiency of its internal combustion engines (both gasoline and diesel) by 30 percent in the next decade and it wants five percent of the brand’s model line to be electric. “In the future, our customers will be able to choose from an increasingly broad range of driveline technologies,” said Audi CEO Rupert Stadler.

Similar to the Chevy Volt, the first production e-tron is expected to be a serial hybrid, meaning that it will have a 12 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery is good for 31 miles. Beyond that, a 254cc Wankel rotary engine drives a 15 kilowatt generator that charges the battery. Unlike the Volt, the e-tron is now going to appear as a convertible and as, well, an Audi.