We should seriously be staring at the television right now…and look at that! Audi’s R15 TDI Plus just took the lead. Truth in Engineering just showed its stunning face again. There is something to be said about a car made to go the distance. Racing is all about being as close to perfect as possible: conditions, tires, timing, fuel and so on.

What Audi spends in racing truly comes down to all of our cars. It’s a promise. Not that every Audi will hit the race track, quite the opposite. But knowing that the hours and hours of scrutiny and research plus real-world testing makes a huge difference and just goes that extra little bit when it comes time for someone to drive away from our store in their new car.

There is no way to hide our excitement about everything happening with our favorite brand right now and into the future. When you consider an Audi from Royal Oak, you are getting what we consider to be the best.

What did you think about Le Mans? Write down your thoughts here and then come in. We’ll chat over an A4, S6 or maybe even a R8…